ARTEnterprise™ is an artificial intelligence application development environment. This rules-and-case-based reasoning technology integrates all your data sources — from structured databases to unstructured documents — with your business policies.  This integration enables you to deploy applications that automate your best business practices and institutional knowledge.  It provides you the unmatched flexibility to easily modify your policies to make better decisions and improve your customer relationships.  In addition, ARTEnterprise™'s object-oriented architecture streamlines software development, reduces maintenance and upgrade costs, and maximizes your legacy hardware and software investment.

We have also created a series of mortgage-industry applications that work with ARTEnterprise™ to allow customers to rapidly automate processes that are common across the lending process — regardless of channel.  The application provide a framework into which company-specific knowledge, best practices and parameters can be integrated, providing the power of a customized system in a fraction of the normal cost and time to deploy.  In a lending environment, the components can be integrated into your existing Loan-Origination System, extending your investment and their functionality by introducing next-generation functionality without the costs and risks of replacing your LOS.  In account-management areas, the systems will work with data from within your organization and from external sources, to help you proactively determine the best-possible strategies for handling your account portfolio.

ARTEnterprise™ is the only software available that has proven success in applying case-based AND rules-based technology to solve critical business problems.  The software's object-oriented architecture provides unmatched flexibility to easily modify policies as needed, according to business requirements.  The ARTEnterprise™ engine can handle high volume, mission critical environments.  Its flexible-component architecture ensures that the system will scale and adapt over time to meet changing technology and heterogeneous-environment requirements.

Benefits of ARTEnterprise

  • Increase the efficiency of business processes by automating best of breed knowledge and practices, allowing for better targeting of those cases that truly need manual handling.
  • Ability to personalize each interaction with a customer so that he or she receives the highest-possible level of customer service.
  • Increase responsiveness.
  • Ensure consistency of decisions.
  • Decrease costs.
  • Increase revenues.
  • Increase speed in the approval decision process, translating to an increase in revenue and growth in market share.

ARTEnterprise™ Specific Functionality

ARTEnterprise™ is the most robust intelligent technology available today.  Its more than one hundred person years of development work include recent technology upgrades designed to maintain the software's cutting edge status, without sacrificing speed or performance.  These enhancements include:

  • XML Interface — XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a language that allows seamless sharing of content between systems.  XML provides content in a readable form by tagging items that are then defined in a DTD (document type definition).  These tags are then used to integrate seamlessly with other systems.  (For example, MISMO uses XML to define mortgage-system tags and their hierarchical organization.)  Our XML Interface is an integration service that provides a way to create ARTEnterprise™ objects from the tags in the DTD, and also allows a user to use ARTEnterprise™ to generate XML documents that can seamlessly communicate with other systems.
  • Java Interoperability — Our Java-Interoperability services enable ARTEnterprise™ to reason over native Java objects.  Specifically, ARTEnterprise™ can now monitor objects in systems written in Java from specific Java classes within the ARTEnterprise™ RETE pattern.  Our improved Java integration is implemented according to the Java Connector standard.  This enables ARTEnterprise™ to be used in a J2EE environment.  This same foundation supports JMS, EJB and JB implementations.
  • Load Balancing — Our improved load-balancing capabilities ensure that your system maintains the highest-possible-level of performance.  Load balancing ensures that tasks are automatically routed to the most available and appropriate engine, whether that be a core ARTEnterprise™ engine or a component engine.
  • Debugging and performance tools —  In response to enhancement requests from our User Group members, MindBox® has introduced new debugging and performance-monitoring tools.  These include:
    • Ability to integrate performance monitoring with transactions.
    • Improved reporting of detailed performance results (including the ability to format in Excel, information accumulated per object.)
    • Improved Tracing.
      • Ability to trace attribute value changes.
      • Reporting of partial rule matches.
      • Simplified interface to trace functions.